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The Aglini brand has just turned six years, but was born from forty years experience of one of the founding members, who has always been a project worker on the wearability and the construction of the garment. The Aglini signed shirt is a product of the highest quality, made unique and unmistakable by the particular modeling, by finishes and by its visual impact. Fruit of an emotional technology, the Aglini product was born from the classic, beautiful, Italian shirt tailoring, which has been able to capture the sense of time, by combining a perfect handicrafting to creative leaps, gently outré, specially modeled collars, blasted in contrast, mixing styles and sources of inspiration, until obtaining an exclusive garment. The fabrics range proposes double twisted cottons and an elastic comfort. Luxury introduces a classic shirt. Precious fabrics of the traditional shirt-factory on reviewed and updated volumes, wearabilities attentive to changes in taste, lean and long. Lavato is a shirt developed on traditional fabrics, joined cottons, sticks, always delivered garment washed, wrinkled, abused and rumpled. Chic and understatement.

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