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Diadora was born as a handicraft laboratory of mountain boots. In a short time they took root as the best mountain and work boots on the market. At the beginning of the 70s, years that mark the explosion of professional sport, Diadora was the first Italian company to develop a new concept of sports marketing, which is reflected in the choice of engaging champions of great appeal as testimonials.Champions like Bjorn Borg and Roberto Bettega are not only important sports references, but they become real icons of style. Sport becomes phenomenon of costume and the Diadora products digress form competitiveness to playtime, helping to write not only the sports history of that time, but also to form the taste of the time in the new "lifestyle" market. Nowdays the journey of the renewal has already begun and Diadora relies on the factors that have made the company, over the years, a reference point for many: style and sport performance are the key words of growth. Music joins sport in the Olympus of the style and the collaborations of the company are steady between the two worlds.

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