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Kiss Uomo Abbigliamento was opened in 1999 in San Lazzaro / Bologna and in 2012 was born
Our goal in the Store, as well as Online, is to create a unique and original stylistic solution, a set of different proposals that manage to create a single concept. Emerging realities or international brands, proposed together on the theme of a constantly evolving seasonal style, a style that follows fashions and trends without ever losing the identity of our store.

New Arrivals

We choose for you 600+ seasonal items, brands and products that we believe are inherent to current trends and that respond to our idea of ​​style. We want to select the best news without losing the identity of our store.
  • Sanyako Thunderbolt 1852
    As low as DKK1,183.44
  • Sanyako Thunderbolt 1851
    As low as DKK1,257.87
  • Sanyako Thunderbolt 1850
    As low as DKK1,183.44
  • Premiata Lux Ankle Boot 1603
    As low as DKK4,614.69
  • Premiata Volanato Ankle Boot 1602
    As low as DKK2,865.57
  • Premiata Chetta Ankle Boot 1601
    As low as DKK5,135.70
  • Tagliatore Freeman Chiodo 1778
    As low as DKK4,986.84
  • Tagliatore Blazer 1774A
    As low as DKK4,391.40
  • Tagliatore Blazer 1774
    As low as DKK4,391.40
  • Tagliatore Blazer 1772
    As low as DKK4,086.23
  • Adidas Stan Smith 1212
    As low as DKK811.29
  • Selected Knitwear 1208
    As low as DKK364.71
  • Selected Knitwear 1206
    As low as DKK364.71
  • Selected Chiodo 1207
    As low as DKK2,002.18
  • RRD Double Rubber Parka 1728
    As low as DKK4,242.54
  • Stone Island Sweatshirt 1052
    As low as DKK1,801.22
  • Stone Island Cargo Sweatpants 1049
    As low as DKK1,652.36
  • Stone Island Beanie 1071
    As low as DKK796.41
  • Stone Island Beanie 1070
    As low as DKK796.41
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