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Andrea D'Amico Accessories is one of the capsules which pays most attention to the refinement and the peculiarity in the world of clothing-accessories, the goal of the brand has always been to create authentic 'things', using the highest quality materials and by adopting handcrafted manufacturing that differentiate the product from any other stylistic proposal, thus creating a unique and inimitable mood, which operates exclusively in Italy, thus obtaining 100% Made in Italy objects. Andrea D'Amico Accessories is, in fact, a company that's always in motion, every season the products change also in a diametrically opposite manner, always following a stylistic current which concerns with the fashion of the moment. The brand is guided precisely by the homonymous stylist, strong of more than twenty years of experience in the field,  who guides today a modern company which is in constant development, proposing their collections to an  increasingly attentive and demanding public, that loves to express personality and style through refined artifacts.

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