Sun 68

SUN68 is an Italian brand of casual clothing, which pays particular attention to the details and to the materials research. With the desire to provide clothes suitable for everyday use, SUN68 does not look to the fashion world but draws inspiration from the same people who wants to accompany in the life of every day. SUN68 was born in 2005 from a project whose aim is fill a gap in the market of clothing: consider people no longer as final consumers, but finally as the center of a creative process, enters tiptoeing the competitive world of fashion, by creating a line of products that is distinguished for the esthetic independent choices and the original and innovative design. Precisely its originality and quality of the garments have made SUN68 a true icon for those who seek an alternative "polo-shirt", which, at the same time, exiles from the usual basic standards. SUN68 originated from the idea of Enrico Spinazzè, desirous to "communicate" through the fashion in a new and creative way, beyond the conventional channels of this world. The number 68 refers to the year of the protests, of social and cultural changes. Its use as a distinguishing mark of a fashion collection communicates new elements and new ways of doing and thinking in this area too.

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