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Kiss Uomo Abbigliamento was opened in 1999 in San Lazzaro / Bologna and in 2012 was born
Our goal in the Store, as well as Online, is to create a unique and original stylistic solution, a set of different proposals that manage to create a single concept. Emerging realities or international brands, proposed together on the theme of a constantly evolving seasonal style, a style that follows fashions and trends without ever losing the identity of our store.

New Arrivals

We choose for you 600+ seasonal items, brands and products that we believe are inherent to current trends and that respond to our idea of ​​style. We want to select the best news without losing the identity of our store.
  • MC2 Saint Barth Maglia Snoopy 3291
    As low as HUF54,471.18
  • Officine Creative Anfibio 3427
    As low as HUF160,854.50
  • Tagliatore Cappotto 3676
    As low as HUF285,151.17
  • Autry Aulm NC06 - 3015
    As low as HUF62,148.33
  • Adidas Ozweego 3009
    As low as HUF43,869.41
  • Backsideclub T-Shirt 3029
    As low as HUF27,418.38
  • Backsideclub T-shirt 3027
    As low as HUF27,418.38
  • Backsideclub Felpa Cappuccio 3023
    As low as HUF35,826.69
  • Backsideclub Jacket 3022
    As low as HUF61,782.75
  • Nine In The Morning Chino 3347
    As low as HUF72,384.53
  • Officina 36 Cardigan 3416
    As low as HUF65,438.54
  • Officina 36 Cardigan 3415
    As low as HUF65,438.54
  • Stone Island Cardigan 3654
    As low as HUF233,239.03
  • Stone Island Maglia 3644
    As low as HUF102,361.96
  • Premiata Lander 3462
    As low as HUF73,115.68
  • Selected Maglia 3586
    As low as HUF18,278.92
  • Kangra Maglia Cappuccio 3370
    As low as HUF117,716.25
  • Selected Biker 2761
    As low as HUF91,394.61
  • Dondup Felpa con Cappuccio 3199
    As low as HUF80,427.25
  • Dondup Mius 3180
    As low as HUF102,361.96
  • Adidas Terrex Free Hiker GTX 3008
    As low as HUF80,427.25
  • Adidas Terrex Voyager 3007
    As low as HUF36,557.84
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