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Philippe Model

Philippe Model founded his brand in 1981 but in 2008 this brand comes in the fashion world in a totally innovative way, when the French designer meets Paolo Gambato, Italian designer. This union leads to an experimental work that will culminate in the creation of the first shoes, called "Paris". The result is a collection of footwear completely different from the usual, where the craftsmanship goes hand in hand with a strong and incisive style that renews itself each season with new colors and patterns becoming a must in the fashion world. The success of Philippe Model shoes certainly comes from refined taste of the product, the washed leather and the added taste of traditional handmade value that characterizes the product. Each stage of production is entrusted to a company of the "Riviera del Brenta" (renowned area of quality shoe production) which follows the arise of the shoe from the leather cutting to the manual assembly of the sole till arriving to the brushing of the upper leather. The aseptic industrialization method of production does not contaminate the way Philippe Model work, rather sometimes is characterized by minor differences between shoe and shoe, which is not to consider as a defect but as a print of manual labour never equal to itself.

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