Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda loves to build excellent heads that can be worn by anyone. The goal of the brand and do in such a manner that the people you love that they are wearing and you love wearing. The heads Scotch & Soda are rich in details, of excellent quality and have an affordable price.The designers took care of it with the maximum attention for the details and the details of modeling, using all possible resources without forgetting the accurate internal finishing of each garment. Scotch & Soda has always invested on the product, usually inspired by the great classic and the vintage styles, enriched by precious inspiration that comes from every corner of the planet.Although Scotch & Soda is active since the 80s, the brand of Amsterdam, as it is nowadays is the result of a courageous relaunching in 2001, the year when the three new owners gathered their knowledge and experience and began to share their love for the creation of quality clothing. After the revival of Scotch & Soda with the Spring/Summer 2002 collection, Scotch Shrunk appeared in Spring/Summer collection 2008. Reducing the men's models sizes to smaller sizes for children was a completely innovative approach in the collections for kids and Scotch Shrunk had a following that nobody in Scotch could ever have imagined. The success was immediately followed by the launch of the women's collection: Maison Scotch, launched in Spring/Summer collection 2010, and already a fundamental element in the constant growth of the company.

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