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Roberto Collina

Roberto Collina was born with the precise aim to create a high quality product, entirely conceived and produced in Italy, the quality of raw materials is unquestioned, as well as the incredible stylistic research which overturns season after season the new collections of the brand. Roberto Collina has made flexibility his strength, each new collection is in fact completely different from the previous, the guidelines that from the 50s guide the brand form Bologna can be found in the originality, quality and above all passion. A passion which takes care of every detail up to the most hidden one, from the buttonholes to the signed buttons, Roberto Collina knows that the detail makes the difference, and this has always been a fundamental point which has guided every seasonal release. In our selection of the Roberto Collina's new collection, we have decided to focus on the patterned jerseys; the experience of more than sixty years leads the skilled hands of the Roberto Collina's creative team is able to combine a modern and updated style with the indispensable quality values that have made the success of the brand.

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